Active Learning on

Key Stage 3

The boxes below are portals to the range of material on the site relating to KS3. I am not trying to be encyclopaedic in coverage – inevitably the balance of material reflects my own interests and the nature of the projects I’ve worked on. I’ve had fun developing all this and I hope it’s as useful as I’ve found it enjoyable.

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Raising Attainment

A series of articles by Dale Banham and myself identifying and exploring key strategies for improving students’ attainment.


General Teaching Techniques

A range of teaching ideas and techniques. They don’t fit neatly into the other boxes but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful!


What is History?

Activities to help students understand aspects of the nature of history.



Activities which cover long spans of time – good for developing chronological understanding and saving time given the need to cover so much material.


Resources by Period

Activities, discussions and background material divided by period as follows:

• Pre-1066
• Norman Conquest
• c.1100-1450
• 1450-1700
• 1700-1900
• 1900 & after

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Teaching Issues and
Discussions at KS3

Discussions about planning, about teaching particular topics, about the purpose of History at KS3 – some of my favourite items.



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Latest Additions

The Wars of the Roses at KS3

Was there a 6th century world-wide web? – Evidence from Sutton Hoo

What kinds of things mattered to people in the Middle Ages?

Journey to the Middle Ages

Eye Spy Gestapo

"Like Hell With the Lid Off"

Population: Continuity and Change

‘Efficient and ingenious.’ Why is that an accurate description of the Domesday Survey and Norman government?

What does Domesday Book reveal about the Impact of 20 years of Norman rule?

Understanding Feudalism

Helping Students with Provenance

Understanding the English Succession: 1051-66

Nationalities and Family Connections: 1066

Why was William able to invade in 1066?

Medieval Public Health

The Impact of the Normans

Raising Attainment

York Coin Hoards

When was the best time to live in …?