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Types of Activities

This section provides introductions to, and explanations of, the various types of activity you will find on this site – their structure, what they can be used for and their benefits.

Hopefully familiarity with these different models of activity will encourage you to construct your own activities.

Having said that, any breakdown by type is necessarily artificial. Some activities fit more than one category – e.g. one about a community may also be a role-play – so it’s very much a pragmatic list.

Finally by way of introduction, it’s important to use each type of activity more than once because students get better at activities the more they use them. Their confidence increases because they know what’s expected of them and so perform better and understand more. Therefore they’ll be helped by repeating e.g. living graphs several times across KS3.







Hot Seating

Washing Lines

Timelines & Living Graphs

Role Plays


Decision Making

Physical Maps & Family Trees

Archaeology &Mysteries

Creating Communities

Market Place

Miscellaneous Models