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Activities from c.1700-1900

When did Prime Ministers and Parliament become more powerful than the monarch?

Complete the thematic story of monarchy with a graph showing when monarchs really lost power

Smugglers Ahoy: Tea for Sale

Why was 18th century smuggling so profitable, and so accepted?

Turnpikes: Mobilising the Transport Revolution

Recreate the journey times before and after turnpikes and revolutionise understanding

Why did Prime Ministers become more powerful than the monarch c.1780-1830?

A quick card sort to summarise the reasons for change in royal power

Did the Train Arrive on Time?

Liven up the railway revolution with a trip from Stockton to Darlington

Inventions, Inventions!

Find the connections and show how one invention led to another and transformed the textile industry

Teaching the Industrial Revolution

Liberty's Dawn by Emma Griffin – about the book’s conclusions and reflections on teaching the Industrial Revolution at KS3.

Why did Everyday Life change so much after 1750?

A sorting activity helping students see why life changed so much during the Industrial Revolution

Living through the era of the Napoleonic Wars c.1793-c.1815

A range of teaching ideas though not full activities

The Battle of Waterloo

A range of activities from Mildenhall College Academy context and the battle itself

When did they win the vote? – An outline

Outlining the pattern of voting reform with a little help from that old favourite, the Corn Laws. Its interesting honestly!

Pre–1832 Election Game

A role play that’s simply not fair – but very good for learning

Shall we join the Chartists?

Test your acting skills and get your students researching Chartism with renewed interest and purpose

Which one is Piedmont again, Sir?

Getting started with Italian Unification at A level.
A physical map activity helping students make sense of all those different states and the story of unification.

Simulating an Early Nineteenth-Century Surgical Operation

Find out how Andy Harmsworth provides his students with an engaging and memorable introduction to a series of lessons on the development of surgery (Bring your own saw!)

Lister's Antiseptic spray

Explore the difficulties Lister must have had in using the carbolic spray and perhaps discover why he faced so much opposition. Activity by Ian Luff.

Did Victoria’s reign last longer than Granny?

A timeline to develop a sense of duration

Making the Industrial Revolution human through family history

How great-grandfather Seth opens up key features of the Industrial Revolution

How much history did the Industrial Revolution overturn?

An outline idea for helping students understand how revolutionary the Industrial Revolution was

How did the Industrial Revolution change where people lived?

The Population Revolution 1750-1901: Use the space in your classroom to map out the change from rural to urban life

Who's got the answer to the problem? The story of the Industrial Revolution

An overview activity introducing a wide range of developments from 1750-1900 – a positive view of the Industrial Revolution!

Using family history to reveal the people behind 19thC public health statistics

Two examples from my own family showing how to see the people behind the statistics

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