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Non-Period Activities

Helping Students Think about the Provenance of Sources

A couple of ideas putting analysis of the source before what it says.

Using New Discoveries to Keep History Bubbling

Using the latest archaeological finds etc to reinforce chronological understanding and other historical skills.

Twitter Biographies

A twitter-style activity requiring clarity of thought and precision of language and which helps sort out confidence-sapping confusions.

Making sense of BC and AD

Turn you pupils into a timeline and accelerate their understanding of vital chronological terms

Outlining Historiography at A Level

Create a timeline showing why interpretations change

Timelines for Understanding Duration

Simple techniques for developing a key aspect of chronological understanding

Who's Round the Table?

Help your A level students remember who was who

Physical Family Trees

Ever confused Mary Tudor and Mary, Queen of Scots? A simple way of disentangling the Marys and many other confusing people.

What's on the Agenda?

Get your next A level topic off to a demanding start by turning your class into the royal council, the cabinet or the Politburo.

Classroom Archaeology

A simple, simulated excavation to capture pupils’ imagination and stimulate their thinking.

Digging Up a Mystery

A motivating and fun way to start a topic - all the way from KS2 to A level

Bits & Pieces: Using Clues to Reconstruct the Past

Demonstrate how we use clues to reconstruct the past. A shattering experience for all!

Guess Who? Post it!

A gloriously simple idea for use from KS2 to A level, as a lesson starter or to conclude a whole Key Stage

Do you remember when … we did an enquiry?

This PowerPoint sequence can be used before a new enquiry to remind students of the process.

Using family generations to link back to past events

Create a timeline of your family's generations to travel back in time to …

Personal memories as stimulus for creating or summarising a sense of period

Using your own memories to model the key features of any period

What’s Under the Sheet?

Puzzle and intrigue! A mysterious way to help students sum up a topic.

Is Granny really ‘well old’?

How to use Granny to develop a sense of duration as far back as the Romans.

Historical Who's Who?

Borrow the idea of a well-known children’s game to revise knowledge of individuals.

Physical Essays

An effective if unusual way of helping students improve essay structure.

Mannequins in the Classroom

Rachel March explains how she’s been using a second-hand mannequin in her lessons.

Kings of Football: an unlikely research task

Fun – and maybe a useful way of learning about all those medieval kings.

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