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Enquiring History Series

Series Editors: Ian Dawson, Michael Riley and Jamie Byrom

Original, supportive, challenging, readable, ambitious – the series combines structured, enquiry-based learning with up to date scholarship. Our aim is to increase students’ chances of exam success by providing books that help students enjoy their history and boost their confidence in their ability to read and learn and so encourage them to read more widely.

Books are 144 pages, full-colour and available as e-textbooks and in other e-formats.

The Wars of the Roses

A highly-readable exploration of the key individuals and events of the period, based around eight enquiries such as Why was Edward IV able to win the crown in 1461?

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Author: Ian Dawson

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The Russian Revolution

An engaging study of the big historical issues in this important topic, based around six enquiries such as The October Revolution: rising of the masses or coup d’état?

Author: Chris Culpin

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The French Revolution

A stimulating narrative and analysis of the major revolutionaries and the events they took part in, based around a series of enquiries such as Why did the Revolution become more violent between 1791 and 1793?

Author: Dave Martin

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British Society Since 1945

A beautifully written exploration of 4 major themes in post-war British social history: the development of a multi-cultural society, changes in youth culture, the changing status of women and, finally, the role of the media.

Author: Diana Laffin

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The Crusades

Based on the very latest research, The Crusades explores the major issues, debates and individuals through nine guided enquiries such as ‘Should we be surprised by the success of the First Crusade?’.

Authors: Jamie Byrom and Michael Riley

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Nazi Germany 1933-45

In a period still surrounded by myths, the enquiries take up recent research into the lives of ordinary Germans to examine central questions about Hitler's popularity, the Nazi economy, the extent of terror and the impact of Hitler's decision to fight on until the bitter and catastrophic end.

Authors: Chris Culpin and Steve Mastin

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Tudor Rebellions 1485-1603

Tudor Rebellions combines dramatic narrative with analysis to enable students to evaluate the threat posed by the rebellions. Then the final chapters adopt a synoptic approach enabling students to make comparisons across rebellions.

Author: Barbara Mervyn

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Italian Unification 1815-1871

Italian Unification explores and explains how Italy thought and fought its way to an unstable national unity by 1871. The enquiries examine the key political ideas of the period and the roles of key individuals – who include some of the most charismatic politicians in 19th century Europe – while also reflecting upon broader issues of nationalism and what makes a nation.

Authors: Ed Podesta and Pam Canning

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And you can read his blogs on his website

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The Vietnam War in Context

The Vietnam War was much more than just a war. As a conflict it was drawn out and deadly, but in the history of the 20th century its significance goes well beyond those jungle encounters that have been represented in so many feature films. It was also a watershed in the story of American foreign policy and its attempt to contain communism.

This book examines how and why the Americans got so involved in Vietnam and with what consequences; its relationship to the Korean War and WW2; and how the Vietnam experience shaped US foreign policy over the following decades into the present.

Author: Dale Scarboro

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