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Classroom Resources:
An Introduction

It may sound impossibly romantic but in creating these resources I’m seeking a rainbow - helping Y7 students see the Middle Ages in a more balanced and positive light, identifying the intelligence and resilience of the people of that time as well as the very different circumstances in which they lived.

This introduction explains the objectives for these resources and outlines the different components and a series of practical issues such as content, style, the approach to tasks and more.

Read the full introduction HERE …

Medieval Readings

Factual stories, biographies and other writings for students (perhaps of all ages) to read.

This section will also build up gradually, partly in conjunction with the sections of Medieval Lives Mattered, partly in response to my interests.

• Did Margery Pastonís story have a happy ending? HERE …

• William Caxton's Choices HERE …

• Three Myths About the Middle Ages HERE

Other Resources

Links to other resources on this website for teaching about the Middle Ages:

• At KS3 MORE ...

• At GCSE MORE ...

• At A Level MORE ...

• Wars of the Roses MORE …

Medieval Lives Mattered

Text and activities aimed at helping Y7 students achieve a deeper knowledge of the Middle Ages.

New sections will be added at intervals, one a time.

Each section has linked notes for teachers and Powerpoint slides.

1: What are your ideas about the Middle Ages?

See and download the student text, the PowerPoint and the teacher notes HERE …

2: Were medieval people very different from us?

See the resources HERE …





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Latest Medieval
Classroom Resources

1: What are your ideas about the Middle Ages?

2: Were medieval people very different from us?

Read: Did Margery Paston's story have a happy ending?

Read: William Caxton's Choices

Read: Three Myths About the Middle Ages

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