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Added September 2018

ETMH Project: Sitting on Cats

Helping students recognise that people in the Middle Ages were as real as us.

An introduction to the resources I am writing to help students have that ‘I’ve just sat on the cat’ moment!

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Added August 2018

ETMH Project: A Sense of Direction

A concise summary of the aims and agenda of the ETMH project – and a couple of caveats!

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Assumptions that strangle students’ understanding of the Middle Ages 

An exploration of the assumptions which undermine students’ capacity to study the Middle Ages effectively and why challenging these assumptions is so important.

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A monthly selection of resources, books and research on the medieval world. Some were created for classroom use but most have been chosen to help increase teachers’ confidence in teaching about the Middle Ages – and some just because I enjoyed them.

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The Wars of the Roses
An introductory annotated reading list

These suggestions are aimed at teachers new to The Wars of the Roses at A level, not those who’ve studied the period in detail or taught it for years.

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Added January 2018

Suggestions for Introductory Reading on the Middle Ages

A list of suggestions for new teachers with little background knowledge of the period. It’s divided into a short starter pack, a second layer of suggestions and finally some of my own favourites.

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Understanding Migration in the Middle Ages

An extended version of Martin Spafford's article on migration from Exploring and Teaching Medieval History (see below)

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Exploring and Teaching Medieval History
The Publication

The two contents pages for Exploring and Teaching Medieval History including the material which is only available on-line HERE …

The publication is available open access on the HA website.

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Exploring and Teaching Medieval History
A Subjective Introduction

This is my subjective introduction to ETMH in which I’ve tried to explain how this publication came about and why I chose the overall approach and the individual topics for the articles

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Exploring & Teaching Medieval History

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