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26 Jul: Are you thinking of teaching about the ancient Maya at KS2?

Dr Diane Davies runs workshops for teachers either in their schools or as day workshops in London …

18 May: New Activity: Which one is Piedmont again, Sir?

The story of Italian Unification – with tabards!

17 May: Solving learning problems at A level: two examples

One of the main themes here on Thinking History is the central importance of identifying the problems students have in learning about a topic or the historical process and creating activities which help …

15 May: New Activity: Getting Started with The Crusades at A Level

… and distinguishing my Fatimids from my Abbasids!

12 May: News and Resources – Updates

… about books, blogs and videos

9 May: New Activity: When did they win the vote?

An outline (with a little help from the Corn Laws) …

24 Apr: Anne Herbert and the Wars of the Roses

… about the Countess of Pembroke

23 Apr: New Activity: Kings of Football – an unlikely research task

… discovering some basic information about medieval kings

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Thank you for visiting ThinkingHistory.

The site was begun in 2004 to provide activities, ideas and resources for teachers (especially trainees and NQTs) seeking to broaden their range of teaching methods. The activities exemplify a range of strategies that require physical movement and involvement from students – living graphs, washing-lines, role-plays and many others. The aim of all the approaches described on the site is to deepen students’ historical knowledge and understanding. They work because they increase students’ motivation and interest and lead to students engaging in more constructive discussion of the people and events they’re studying.

If you’re visiting the site for the first time please note that the site doesn’t provide ‘quick-fix’ solutions for a lesson in 20 minutes time. All the activities need thoughtful preparation, tailoring them to the needs of individual classes. Good preparation gives everyone, students and teachers, more enjoyment and a greater sense of achievement.

I hope the site proves useful – there’s over a hundred activities [ see full activity list ] plus much other material, articles and ideas [ see full content list ] .

Ian Dawson

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