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29 Aug: Website Reorganisation

We’ve reorganised the site – changes should be self-explanatory – but tweet or email if something seems to have gone missing …

14 Jul: The animated Bayeux Tapestry – a wondrous delight

I haven’t begun to think about how to use it with KS3 or GCSE or A level – in the first place just enjoy it …

30 Jun: New A level book: The Vietnam War in Context by Dale Scarboro

One of those rare ‘textbooks’ that’s worth reading even if you don’t ‘use’ it.

26 Apr: The Lunar Men

Another enthusiasm shared by this website and by KS3 textbook …

18 Apr: Activities relating to the Battle of Waterloo

A range of activities from Mildenhall College Academy – context and the battle itself.

9 Apr: Useful Things Spotted on Twitter

History teachers come up with lots of useful ideas, resources and links and Twitter is a good place to find them

2 Apr: Two interesting History of Medicine stories

New Scientist feature: Anglo-Saxon remedy kills MRSA superbug

31 Mar: New A level book – Italian Unification

… by Ed Podesta and Pam Canning, covering the period from the Napoleonic occupation of the Italian states to the late 19th century and briefly looking at the reality and impact of unification on Italy in the succeeding decades.

23 Feb: Sharing an unexpected historical delight

Last week we discovered the source of the Nile. OK, I’m exaggerating. It wasn’t the Nile. It was …

22 Feb: Medieval public health: News from the archives – Part 1

A summary of the conclusions of two recent academic texts on medieval public health.

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