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16 Oct: Did people worry about dirt and disease in the later middle ages?

A favourite activity from the 1990s that may still be useful at GCSE or at KS3

6 Oct: Books and Courses

One very useful book and a range of useful courses …

25 Sep: Hippocrates and Galen: Why did people believe their ideas for so long?

Two brief activities focussing on the essentials of these long-lasting ideas. These could be starter or revision activities.

7 Sep: Raising Attainment: Feedback, marking and how they can improve learning

This detailed article by Dale Banham describes six stages of feedback, all aimed at improving students’ ability to learn

4 Sep: New Activity: Impact of the Normans – with character cards

A splendid activity from Catherine Flaherty, useable in a variety of ways and across the Key Stages to explore the impact of 1066 on both English and Normans

3 Sep: Edward IV: for new A level Teachers

Recommendations for reading on Edward IV including Tony Pollard’s The Summer King …

22 Aug: New Activity: Burgundians, Orleanists and Armagnacs – French politics in the age of Agincourt

If you teach the Lancastrian kings at A level this activity may help your students understand the divisions in France in the early 15th century

21 Aug: New resources available: Migration in the 15th and 16th centuries

News of a range of resources published by The National Archive in conjunction with the England’s Immigrants 1330-1550 project.

11 Aug: Key Principles for teaching Thematic Studies at GCSE

Core strategies for planning and teaching Thematic studies, designed to tackle the problems students and teachers regularly face.

10 Aug: Raising Attainment: Planning principles for teaching Depth and Period Studies

Aimed at both GCSE and A level this article summarises effective strategies for planning and teaching.

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