Medieval Lives:
Resources for the Classroom

These classroom resources are in the form of downloadable textbook chapters, and are collectively titled 'Medieval Lives'.

They explore the enquiry question:

‘Are people right to be so negative about the Middle Ages?’

And aim to help KS3 pupils begin to see the Middle Ages and its people as historians see them.

These resources differ in some important ways from many resources you’ll find in textbooks. Therefore if you haven’t already done so, you can read my explanation for my approach in this core article HERE …

Brief notes on the features of the chapters such as vocabulary, tasks and notes for teachers can also be downloaded HERE …

Medieval Lives:
Resources for the Classroom

Each chapter comprises the Student Text and a Student PowerPoint, plus notes for teachers and additional resources.


Chapter 1: What are your ideas about the Middle Ages?

This chapter’s purpose is to help students identify the ideas they already have about the period, whether they see it negatively or positively and then sets up the overall enquiry ‘Are people right to be so negative about the Middle Ages?’.


Chapter 2: Were medieval people very different from us?

This chapter section explores some of the similarities and differences between ourselves and people in the Middle Ages – in emotions, aspects of everyday life and in parents’ relationships with their children.


Chapter 3: What kinds of things mattered to people in the Middle Ages?

The second of two chapters which help students gain a sense of their shared humanity with the people of the Middle Ages. This chapter explores similarities and differences in what mattered to people in the Middle Ages – ideas such family, loyalty, religion, respect.


Chapter 4: Telling Your Big Story of Medieval Britain

This chapter helps students build an overview of medieval Britain and understand that there were many important changes as well as continuities, that there were times of optimism and opportunity as well as times of danger and disaster.






Other Resources

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