Medieval Lives: Chapter 4

Telling Your Big Story of Medieval Britain

This chapter helps students build an overview of medieval Britain, helping them understand that this was a period of great variety – that there were many important changes taking place as well as continuities, that there were times of optimism and opportunity as well as times of danger and disaster.  As well as the text pages for students there’s a scripted drama covering the same material as pages 3-7 of the text plus a PowerPoint sequence which can be used instead of the text in places and teachers’ notes.

Some pages may appear text-heavy but I assume you will adapt them to the needs of your classes. It’s better for me to provide you with a quarry to adapt than to write a sparse text and leave you needing to add material.

This chapter was revised and streamlined in August 2021.


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Download the full set of resources here:

Note: These resources all have 'Rev1' in the file name to distinguish them from the original (superceded) resources.

• Student Text HERE …

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• Teacher Notes HERE …

And see the accompanying scripted drama

Journey to the Middle Ages HERE …